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Finnish interest in smart advantages of 2521

Datum: 01-08-2011

Mid May 2521 received an invitation from the Finnish Swimming Federation to give a presentation about the concept in Helsinki. De presentation was held in the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center, home of the national swimming team. A number of parties that want to give the development of basic swimming facilities a boost in the coming years requested the presentation. During the presentation, that was very interactive, a lot of ideas were exchanged to apply the 2521 concept to the local situation in Finland. It once again became clear that every country will need some tailored adjustments to the concept, but at the same time the strengths came forward. The coming months 2521 simply swimming together with a number of key players, like a large developer/financier and a not-for-profit operating firm, will investigate how and when the next step will be taken.