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English association visits 2521 Simply Swimming

Datum: 30-09-2011

On Friday September 23 latest,  Kate MCNight (manager accommodation) and Tom Mukherjee-Neale (specialist swimming pools) of the  English Swimming Association (ASA) visited 2521 Simply Swimming. They became interested in the concept, following the presentation at the world championships in Shanghai. 

They were grasped by the presentation of the KNZB, held in the beautiful new office of Variopool. "We know many accommodations, but this is something new. You have thought about everything in this concept. The building has an intelligent design, enabling a minimum amount of required staff. The energy efficient measures, the water handling and maintenance are well thought through. You applied all new technology, making it a durable building. The exploitation model is familiar and we believe in that. This would definitely work in England! We are happy to have gotten on the plane to the Netherlands.”

The English swimming association has a large department for accommodation business. They are involved in all swimming pool building projects. Building of Olympic competition pools has increased due to the Olympics being held in London. But also because the English association are driven to teach all children to swim.  

The 2521 concept will be discussed in England at their own conference. They would like to cooperate with the KNZB and 2521 Simply Swimming.