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Alexander Popov embraces swimming pool concept

Datum: 30-09-2011

"Tsar" Alexander Popov, former world record holder on the 100 meters free, quadruple Olympic champion and member of the International Olympic Committee, is impressed with the Dutch swimming pool concept, developed in the KNZB. He wants to bring the concept to practice in Russia.


It was with great enthusiasm that Alexander Popov welcomed 2521 Simply Swimming in Moscow on Monday September 25, to whitness the presentation of the new swimming pool concept.

Popov is the director of the Popov Academy, pressed with teaching Russian children to swim. Together with his coworkers he listens to the presentation. He explained there is a large market for this concept in Russia. “I want to further develop this for the Russian market together with you. Building good swimming pools is a must in order to teach all children in Russia to swim. This way new talents will arise, who will bring swimming to a high level once again. This swimming pool concept is so unique, affordable and thought trough that it will be a success in Russia. 

2521 Simply Swimming are proud that such a big name like Alexander Popov approves of this concept. Will the first 2521 Simply Swimming swimming pool be built in Russia? According to Popov it will…