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2521 Simply Swimming in Denmark

Datum: 11-01-2012

Since January 10th is also the second foreign partnership for 2521 Simply Swimming a fact. After Finland, Denmark is now convinced of the 2521 concept. Lars Warm, member of the board of the Danish Swimming Federation, was the initiator of this cooperation. "In Denmark we have been working on the development of a basic pool and this concept was a perfect fit to our ideas. In addition, almost all swimming clubs in Denmark have a professional swimming coach who is also a lifeguard. Considering these facts this concept was a perfect match. I foresee a bright future for 2521 Simply Swimming in Denmark. We are starting to translate the concept into Danish law and regulations. This requires both parties working together intensively coming months. There are already some municipalities interested to develop the concept.”

Sander ten Broek, General Manager 2521 Just Swimming, is very satisfied with the second foreign partner agreement. "We are proud Simply Swimming Denmark is our second partner. This means the Scandinavian countries, which are reasonably comparable with the Netherlands, are ready for this concept as well. Swimming clubs in Denmark want to have suitable swimming pools for their selves. Besides Finland we are also in contact with other countries. Hopefully we will have new partnerships soon.”