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First license Alblasserdam

Datum: 08-06-2012

The 7th of June the city of Alblasserdam and 2521 Gewoon Zwemmen BV, an initiative of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation, signed an agreement  for the realization of a new swimming pool in Alblasserdam. The city hereby obtains a license for a complete concept for building and running costs of a swimming pool. Since the agreement has been signed, the city of Alblasserdam in collaboration with the swim- and water polo club Wiekslag -  the rescue brigade and sportscentre Blokweer, are able to adjust the basic concept to the need of the location and needs of Alblasserdam. Alblasserdam is the first city in The Netherlands that will build a swimming pool according to this concept.


The ‘ 2521-pool’ is an unique concept. 2521 refers to the size of the pool: 25 to 21 meters divided over 8 lanes. The concept is unique because of the low costs, the durability and the social entrepreneurship without profit. The lower costs are mainly achieved by the way of building and the active stake of the association and a management foundation at the running costs of the swimming pool.

Royal Dutch Swimming Federation
"I am pleased Alblasserdam is the first city where the 2521 Simply Swimming concept will be build. I am convinced many more pools will be build in The Netherlands and Europe. We want swimming to become socially responsible again. If the government can play a role by getting people to exercise, they can save a lot on healthcare costs. With this concept we provide in a need: a modern, functional and energy efficient pool, low investment and minimal energy costs”, said chairman Erik van Heijningen.

New swimmingpool
The current swimming pool at the Esdoorlaan is at the end of its technical life, it has high maintenance costs and a very high energy consumption. In November 2011 the town council decided to build a new swimming pool according to the 2521-concept. This concept had been developed according to the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation as to be able to exploit a more inexpensive new swimming pool in the future. The city of Alblasserdam realises with this purchase a big economization.

In 2013 the building of the new swimming pool starts at the area of the sports hall. The old swimming pool will be opened until the completion of the new pool at the end of 2014. Subsequently the old swimming pool building will make place for the second construction of housing project ‘Hof en Singel’.

Social infrastructure
According to the college it’s important to invest in the new swimming pool of Alblasserdam. This way the children will still be able to learn how to swim in their own village. The associations will also still be able to offer sports- and contest activities in Alblasserdam and do not have to emigrate to cities nearby for recreative swimming. This way the swimming pool contributes an important contribution to the social infrastructure of Alblasserdam.