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Council provides e5 million for new swimmingpool

Datum: 24-04-2013

Council provides e5 million for new swimmingpool 
On the 23rd of April of this year the City Council of Alblasserdam unanimously decided to provide over 5 million euro’s for the construction of a swimming pool. "A milestone for the project whose completion will soon be visible to everyone," said Alderman Veerman (sports). 

The existing pool at the Esdoornlaan needs replacing. In November of 2011 the City Council decided to build a new swimming pool based on the 2521 concept, created by the Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB). This new swimming pool will provide a facility for swimming clubs and a place for educational and recreational swimming. This is cost effective when compared to other types of swimming pools. In addition it will be a sustainable building and the commercial operation will be placed in the hands of the soon to be established sports organization and local sports clubs. Alblasserdam is the first municipality in the Netherlands where a swimming pool based on the 2521 concept will be built. The municipality of Alblasserdam recently received a KNZB-appreciation prize for its commitment to the construction of the 2521 pool. 

Final design
The new swimming pool is built adjacent to the existing sports hall and is located on the current parking lot of the Blokweer sports hall. A special aspect is that the pool will be built from the ground level. The pool measures 25 by 21 meters, divided into eight lanes. Three lanes have an adjustable floor along the length of the pool. This will enable a part of the pool to always be used across its full length for swimming. The building will also have changing and shower rooms, a commercial space, a meeting room and technical areas. The final design was developed between the municipality, the swimming and polo club the Wiekslag, the Alblasserdam rescue team, sports hall Blokweer and local residents. For artist impressions please visit www.alblasserdam.nl/zwembad

The municipality of Alblasserdam will award the construction contract before the start of this years holiday season. The contractor will start construction as soon as possible. To make room for the new swimmingpool the existing catering facilities will be demolished. The municipality of Alblasserdam will be organizing a community information meeting before the start of construction, with existing pool remaining open until the completion of the new pool, expected to be in the second half of 2014. 

Social infrastructure
The municipality believes it is important to invest in a new swimming pool in Alblasserdam. This will enable children to learn how to swim in their own town. In addition, the sports associations can continue to offer sport and competition swimming whilst also giving recreational swimmers the opportunity to swim locally instead of having to go to surrounding municipalities. The swimming pool will also contribute the social infrastructure of Alblasserdam.