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Ground at Sportscentre Alblasserdam will be prepared for the building of the 2521 pool

Datum: 27-06-2013

Starting today, Thursday, June 27, the current parking lot of sportscentre Blokweer in Alblasserdam will be prepared for the construction of the new pool. It will take approximately 1.5 weeks to complete.

Temporary measures

This means that, from now, there can not be parked on the premises. Next week there will be created a number of temporary parking places. This number will be expanded after the demolition of the outdoor storage of the sports center.
The bike racks are moved to the front. There will be a temporary route along the complex to reach the entrance. Within the opportunities that exist in a residential area with two ongoing projects, the inconvenience is minimized. 


Site preparation means that the remaining green and tree stumps are removed, the site will provide a fencing and paving, drainage and lighting columns are removed for leveling the ground. The work will be carried out by De Kuiper Noordeloos.

Demolition gym

At the same time, the beginning of July, starts the demolition work until the foundation of the gym on the grounds of Hof en Singel. This work will be completed before July 20.

Local residents have been informed by letter. After July 9, the contractor of the new pool will be known and there will be more information on the planning of the new building.