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First pile driven into the ground In Alblasserdam

Datum: 18-10-2013

First pile 2521 swimming pool driven into the ground in Alblasserdam.

Last Thursday, the 17th of oktober, alderman Sjoerd Veerman and former councilor mrs. de Jong-Falkena (who was also present at the opening of the old swimming pool) drove the first pile of the first 2521 swimming pool into the ground in Alblasserdam. With this, the municipality is the first to build a 2521 pool.

Mr. Veerman, alderman of the municipality Alblasserdam:

"As alderman of sports, I am very excited that we can build a new swimming pool in Alblasserdam. This is possible through the innovative concept of 2521 and the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation with a focus on sustainability and the use of swimming clubs in the operation. Earnings for sports and recreation!"

Mr. Kossen, director Royal Dutch Swimming Federation:

"I stand here as a proud director of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation. It is a dream that will become reality. We stood at the cradle of the developing of 2521 Gewoon Zwemmen. The development of the building, a balanced operating plan and the new role that our KNZB associations can fill, is developed and conceived with various partners. With the establishment of Sport Management Foundation Alblasserdam the responsibility for Sportscentre Blokweer will be in good hands. I'm glad swimming club Wiekslag, like the other sports clubs involved in the 'wet' and 'dry' sport, contribute their bit to maintain a beautiful sports facility in Alblasserdam."

Mr. Meerkerk, Stout Construction company:

"We, as Stout Construction company, are proud that we can build an unique, durable and smart building, together with the Municipality Alblasserdam and the parties directly involved. The construction was made possible by the unique combination of elements from concept 2521 Gewoon Zwemmen and allows municipalities in the Netherlands to realize what suits the user requirement. Driving the first pole into the ground is always a special moment because this is seen as a new beginning for many. For us, as Stout Construction company, it will  be the first and hopefully many more will follow. "

"2521 Gewoon Zwemmen looks forward to the next months in which all parties will work very hard together to create the first 2521 pool in The Netherlands. We can't wait! " So says Sander ten Broek, director of 2521 Gewoon Zwemmen.