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Opening 2521 pool in Germany

Datum: 31-08-2015

August 28th, Mayor Gerwers from Rees has officially opened, the first international 2521 Simply Swimming pool in Germany, 'Stadtbad Rees'. It is the second 2521 pool to come into operation. 

After the opening of the very first 2521 pool in the municipality of Alblasserdam (The Neteherlands), Germany now also has her first 2521 pool. In Germany, a smaller version is built. It's a five-lane 25 meter pool with moveable floor.

In his opening speech, Mayor Gerwers noticed that it has been almost impossible to maintain a pool for his municipality. But by making maximum use of the concept 2521 Simply Swimming Rees can still continue to swim, now in their new energy-efficient, high-quality and especially 'gemütlich' new 'Stadtbad Rees'.