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About 2521.

2521 Simply Swimming is an initiative by the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB). Due to the increasing construction costs and operational costs of swimming facilities in the Netherlands, the KNZB teamed up with various specialists in the field. Together we developed an high-end, sustainable and multifunctional swimming pool.

The ‘total cost of ownership’  (TCO) formed the base from which both design and functionality. While keeping an eye on the future operation of the facility, we succeeded to find a perfect balance between the costs and functionality of the swimming pool. We developed a ‘smart’ building, using 30 percent less energy resources, low maintenance costs, predictable planning and scheduling of activities and local cooperation.

By now, we have configured the 2521 concept into multiple swimming pool setups.

By now, we have configured the 2521 concept into multiple swimming pool setups.  Numerous innovative ideas which were developed within the 2521 concept are used within ‘traditional’ designs as well. Resulting in the development of multiple new facilities throughout the Netherlands.

The 2521 concept is named after the pool dimensions (25 x 21 meters), a 25-meter pool with 8 swimming-lanes. Simply Swimming refers to the fact the facility is ‘simply’ suitable for swimming. Health, sports and elementary swimming are key points within the 2521 concept. In general you would not find hot tubs, saunas or slides within the 2521 facilities. Optionally, it would be possible to add this elements to the design. As for the configuration of the dimensions of the pool, it would be possible to choose for smaller or bigger sizes, without deviating from the 2521 philosophy. At this point, we have an impressive track record of projects throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. We are happy to discuss the possibilities and, if desired, conduct a feasibility study in your municipality or region.

How it started

In the autumn of 2009, the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) published her Master-plan Facilities called “Wanted: Water”. Based on thorough research, this master-plan emphasizes the structural shortage of pool water for swimming clubs.  This shortage blocks the growth and professionalization of swimming clubs and thus the important role that swimming can potentially fulfil in the matters of health and social participation of the Dutch.

Swimming is a sport that can be practiced by people of all age-groups and on both recreational and competitive level. It can be done individually, that matches the needs of many sporters, or within groups, which promotes social cohesion and the encounter of others in society.

The KNZB and swimming clubs want volunteers participate and play a relevant role in the development and operation of (new) swimming pools in the Netherlands. Other sport federations preceded the KNZB by implementing similar ideas.

In this context, the KNZB took the initiative to develop a high quality, innovative and foremost sustainable pool concept. This concept establishes optimal conditions for public-private partnerships and corporate social responsibility (CSR) when operating the facility. Thus while (maximum) responsibility and thrust is given to the swimming clubs supported by a small number of professionals. While developing the concept the KNZB has worked together with multiple partners with experience in the fields of development, equipment, energetics and operation of swimming pools.

Facts and innovations

The general concept has the dimensions of 25 x 21 meters. The depth of the pool is 2,6 or 3,0 meters and it is equipped with an adjustable floor.

2521 can host many different users such as aqua sporters, lap swimmers, elementary swimmers, schools, sports clubs and many other groups and swimmers.

In its base, the 2521 concept has a footprint of 1.550 m2 on ground level and 1.650 m2 on the first floor. The gross floor area (GFA) is 2.675 m2. Many configurations on this base concept are possible.

2Temp® solution allows us to create two different water temperatures (4 degrees Celsius difference) in one pool and at the same time.

The 2521 concept is known for an efficient building volume, an optimized m2 usage and innovative building envelope which ensures a low energy consumption.

Optimal accessible for all, focus on open lines of sight and high transparency but nonetheless resistant to vandalism.

Maximum usage of prefabricated materials results in an increased instruction speed, less construction errors and minimized environmental impact (Cradle2Cradle).

The 2521 concept consumes 30 percent less energy as a pool with a similar water surface and a similar function and therefore has an A++ energy label and 25% less CO2 emission.